If I could walk around like this everyday I would. Clothes give me anxiety especially pants.

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  • So my 5 week European Vacation has come to an end and im home now back into my blogging! I had such an amazing trip with my boyfriend! We learnt so many new things, saw so many great places and ate so much great food!

    Croatia was my favourite part of the trip.. That country is so beautiful and the people (including my family there) are so amazing, kind and welcoming. The food there is my favourite cuisine of all and the beaches, weather and water is TO DIE FOR.

    London was my 2nd fave country! The Royal history, sites and landmarks are fascinating, the shopping SO GOOD and it was great to go to another country that speaks English! 

    Paris follows close after London! I ATE SO SO MUCH! The food was OMG so divine! Croissants for breakfast, Baguettes for lunch, Followed by some other pastry and maybe some cheese! Then a pizza for dinner followed by lots of wine and dessert! But food aside.. i loved the sites, the look and feel of the country, the language, the romance, the puppies that walked past in the street, the shopping, the model looking people in the streets and of course the Eiffel!  

    Then last but not least Berlin! The history of Nazi Germany and the Berlin Wall was scary and fascinating to learn in more depth… the food in Germany was not so great but the Currywurst was! The streets and sites i fell in-love with but staying in 5 star accommodation was my favourite part… such a relaxation with my boyfriend at the end of a long adventure! 

    Now… onto what my blogs about.. sorry… 

    To me… you cannot diet on a vacation. Travelling is not travelling if you don’t eat and enjoy all the different foods that different countries have to offer. So, if your going to travel with me… please don’t be an idiot and diet overseas!

    But… although i did enjoy all my many many MANY meals… i do not enjoy the look of the scales right now or the look of my tummy, hips, thighs and arms! whoops! I have gained a nasty 6 kilos in 6 months! 4 of those kilos in 5 weeks! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Oh well, i dont regret one thing i put into my mouth! im home now and more motivated than ever! Lets see how long it takes me to cut that 6 Kilos… i estimate 4 months… i can do it :) Healthy food and exercise is fun :) 

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cathygh: I hope showing my bum is ok? lol
absolutely! showing off a bum that nice is always ok (3 of 3)
    dietfitnesshealth: fruit for lunch?? yes plzzz. but the real question is…what should I get?? #endlessoptions #801010 (at Whole Foods Market P Street)